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2018 Bowling Results









Congratulations to all the winners!


Team Champions



American Martyrs - Manhattan Beach

Girls A 1st Place



St. Anastasia - Westchester

Girls A 2nd Place



OL Fatima - Artesia

Girls A 3rd Place



American Martyrs - Manhattan Beach

Boys A 1st Place



St. Bede - La Canada

Boys A 2nd Place




St. Anastasia - Westchester

Boys A 3rd Place



St. Linus - Norwalk

Girls B 1st Place



St. Rita - Sierra Madre

Boys B 1st Place



Individual Winners


Girls A


1st Place       Jackie Heath - St. Anastasia

2nd Place      Abby Brown - American Martyrs

3rd Place      Nia De la Cruz - Beatitudes


Boys A


1st Place       Peter Linberg - St. Bede

2nd Place      Zac Kohler - St. Anastasia

3rd Place      Luca Labuschagne  - American Martyrs


Girls B


1st Place       Keilani Trujioo - Beatitudes

2nd Place      Mirei Sanchez - St. Linus


Boys B


1st Place       Asher Terni - St. Rita

2nd Place      Zach Deleon - St. Rita

2nd Place      Brandy Whote - American Martyrs


Girls C


1st Place       Jackie Tovar - Beatitudes


Boys C

1st Place       Joseph Lindberg - St. Bede

2nd Place      Adrian De la Cruz - Beatitudes